Bad Boy Mower Accessories [Official List]

By | April 5, 2023

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You’ve probably grown tired of how similar your Bad Boy zero turn mower looks to the others on the block. Take some time to investigate the wide variety of available add-ons to choose from.

Many homeowners work hard to distinguish their homes from those of their neighbors, but why stop there? Take it a step further and outfit your lawn mower with a variety of add-ons, including accessories and operating options.

Create a potent lawnmower out of your average “bad boy” mower by giving it some upgrades. with the ability to incorporate the cost of any of the bad boy accessories into the payment plan that you have selected.

You Can Make The Perfect Mowing Machine By Adding These Bad Boy Mower Accessories.

Included in the low monthly payment you make for purchasing your mower is the cost of these wonderful extras, which include a wide variety of options and accessories that can improve the safety, functionality, performance, comfort, entertainment, and plain old good looks of your machine.

Therefore, get your Bad Boy Mower decked out from the very beginning, and mow with an even more badass attitude.

Make It Your Own And Start Mowing With An Attitude

Included in the low monthly payment you make for purchasing your mower is the cost of these wonderful extras, which include a wide variety of options and accessories that can improve the safety, functionality, performance, comfort, entertainment, and plain old good looks of your machine.

Therefore, get your Bad Boy Mower decked out right away, and mow with an even more badass attitude!


Controlling the discharge from your zero-turn mower in an efficient and accurate manner is possible thanks to the variable stage all-steel shield that comes included with the Advanced Chute System.

The discharge into flower beds, driveways, and swimming pools is prevented entirely by closing the Advanced Chute System completely.

In high-density areas where flying debris can cause damage to windows, vehicles, or even people, maintaining the advanced chute in a semi-closed position forces debris down immediately, preventing straight line discharge at speeds of more than 200 miles per hour!

Designed for commercial lawn and garden professionals and homeowners looking to purchase a zero-turn mower. Additionally, the Advanced Chute System transforms your mower into a potent mulching machine, making it ideal for clearing away fallen leaves in the autumn.


With this cutting-edge technology for the rear tire tread, you’ll never have to worry about flat tires again. Upgrade from the factory that is ONLY available for Outlaw Class Mowers.


Outlaw Mowers now have the option of purchasing a revolutionary new tire tread technology for their front tires.


Are Exclusively Sold by Bad Boy! Include softer sidewalls for a smoother ride as well as a wrap-over grip edge for increased traction on uneven terrain. Excludes MZ.


With the traction and footing that our FieldTrax® tires provide, you’ll be able to get a grip on any and all terrain. Not available for MZ line.


Tires with tread patterns similar to tractors, designed to provide traction on rough terrain. Excellent for both gripping and ripping performance. Not available for ZT Avenger or MZ line.


Even after being punctured, solid form front tires continue to perform as expected. Sizes to fit all models except ZT Avenger.


The high-grade aluminum used to craft the custom No Limit® Rear Rims is subjected to machining. Obtainable in a variety of different styles.


Both the front and the back rim covers of your Bad Boy will now have a shiny chrome finish. Not available for MZ line.


Mowing on sloped terrain requires the use of this accessory, which is optional for ZT and MZ Class mowers. ROPs can be folded over using the hitch pins, making for more compact storage, and the seat belt option is included as standard.


You can now bask in the glow of your own success. Robust polycarbonate construction allows for a secure attachment to mowers that are equipped with ROPs.


On ZT and MZ models, the SOFT TOP CANOPY Shade is simple to install and does not call for the use of our ROPs.


Make sure you can transport your string trimmer without it getting damaged.


Your favorite thump-pumping, get-it-done music is provided by the Wet Sounds® Bluetooth six-speaker soundbar, which also features an RF Wireless remote.


You should keep your music to yourself when you go out on the lawn. Connects to a Bluetooth audio system that plays the music from your playlist while you’re driving your Bad Boy.

ROPS LED LIGHT BARhigh-intensity, low-current LED Light Bar that has a lighted rocker switch, wiring harness, and mounting hardware made of stainless steel. It has a lumen output of 2000 and is housed in a housing made of durable cast aluminum.


Completely assembled on metal plates and including all of the necessary components for simple installation.


LED lights with a high intensity of 8000 lumens and a low amp draw are housed in a cast aluminum housing. A lighted rocker switch and the necessary hardware.


Stripe a baseball field with pinpoint accuracy using our kits, which feature heavy-duty rubber flaps that are still flexible. Adaptations for the R-Series and ZT-Class mowers respectively.


Mounts to the back edge of the deck and adjusts to achieve the desired effect based on the height of the deck. Fits ZT, Maverick and Diesel Models.


A braking system that is both exclusive and unique quickly locks the front casters to allow for straight runs for striping.


These rubber guards offer front impact protection for your ZT or MZ mower and are available in 8 and 14 inches.


A high-impact, weather-sealed tool box that can be mounted in the front receiver hitch offers storage for tools that is both convenient and simple to access.


Attaches to the front receiver hitch (or the side receiver on the Stand-On Revolt) for convenient access to pick up trash without having to get off your mower at any point. The bucket is also available for purchase on its own.


The closed channel fastens to the underside of the deck and blocks discharge, making it ideal for the non-bagging professional with high standards. The kit comes with mulching blades that have a wave pattern on them.

Mulching Blades

It takes the place of your regular cutting blades. Accessible for use with deck widths of any size.

Belt Tension Guide

correctly calibrated so as to accurately measure the performance of the belt. A device that all owners of do-it-yourself mowers absolutely need in their toolbox.

Adjustable Handles

Steering levers that are completely adjustable to your operator’s fit can be bolted on. Compatible with the ZT and MZ models of mowers.

Mower Cover

Only one size is available, and it is compatible with Bad Boys that either have or do not have ROPs.

Assist Handle

Convenient tool to help with mounting and dismounting the mower. Connects to the front frame and is compatible with all models.

Seat Isolation Kit

A suspension plate is attached between the seat and the mower to lessen the vibration and fatigue experienced by the operator. Not available for MZ line.

R-Series Rear Basket

It was designed to work exclusively with our R-Series products, making it the ideal travel companion for transporting additional gear, tools, or yard grooming accessories.

Rear Basket

Handy for handling yard tools or other personal items in addition to being made for mowers of the MZ, ZT, and Maverick models.

Powered 2 & 3 Bagger Systems

Designed to make quick work of clearing away grass clippings and other yard debris, this blower is assisted by a mower and features heavier-duty metal sealed bearings. Simple to remove, allowing for a speedy disposal.

Powered Bagger For Revolt

A blower with assistance from a mower for the Stand-On Rebellion. Bags come with a large capacity and are simple to empty.

Front Weights

To be used in conjunction with bagging systems.

Side Bagger

This quick mount bagger, which has a capacity of 3.75 bushels and is very convenient, is the ideal accessory for our most popular models, including the Stand-On Revolt.

Accelerator Grass Catcher

It is quick and simple to install on your Bad Boy, and it makes it even simpler to unload the clippings that have been discharged. The chute is replaced. It is not compatible with our 72-inch decks.

Steering Arm Pads

In particular, additional support for the arms should be provided for models that do not have arm rests. Excellent for longer days spent mowing.

Snow Plow

A fingertip control that is attached to the steering levers allows the powered plow to be operated. The plow is attached to the front hitch holder of the vehicle. Specifically Designed for the R-Series Mowers.

R-Series Hitch

It has a pin that allows it to be removed from the receiver hitch.

Tow Hitch

Compatible with the Compact Outlaw, Maverick, ZT, and MZ Mowers.

Trailer Sprayer

Powerful sprayer that can be pulled behind a vehicle and has a wand that can be held by hand. Boom can be purchased separately.

Utility Trailer

All-steel, heavy-duty trailer with a payload capacity of 17 cubic feet and a tilt bed.


The embedded clipping is removed from the turf by spring-loaded steel tines. 40˝ wide.


Blades create holes in the turf, which leads to improved turf quality. 40˝ wide.

Pull-Behind Roller

To achieve the correct working weight, fill with water. 36˝ wide.


Collecting grass clippings or leaves is a breeze with this tool. Simple to operate and empty out. 42˝ wide


Plant seeds or spread fertilizer with ease using our spreader with variable output.

Patented Sulky

Our Sulky is designed with EZ-Ride® technology, making it ideal for a ride that is both smooth and easy to hop on and off of. Compatible with a variety of different walk-behind brands.

Mower Lift

In order to lift MZ and ZT Class mowers so that under-deck maintenance and cleaning can be performed. The locking arm prevents the mower from accidentally lowering itself. Not for use with mowers in the Commercial Class!

ROPS Mounted Hazard Light

A flashing light to warn drivers of high traffic and busy areas around parks, highways, and commercial businesses.

Work Gloves

Leather that is easy to the touch, excellent in fit, and extremely durable

Protective Sunglasses

Our branded sunglasses offer glare-free good looks in addition to UV and wrap-around protection, so you can wear them without worry.

Front Storage Coutainer Mount

Mowers in the R-Series come equipped with a metal tray that features a cargo netting system and can be attached to the front receiver hitch of the vehicle.

Front Mount Sprayer

The versatile power sprayer is mounted in the front receiver hitch of R-Series mowers. It is convenient both when you are seated on the mower and when you need to get to difficult-to-reach areas off the mower.

Fusion® Blades

The cutting edge of these stay-sharp blades is made of tungsten carbide, which is an extremely hard material. These blades maintain their sharpness for twice as long as the blades on a typical mower!

Pump & Drive Belts

Reinforced factory replacement belts made of Kevlar® are designed to withstand extreme stress for an extended period of time.

Engine Oil

Mixture of premium synthetics To ensure that your Bad Boy Mower’s engine lasts as long as possible, Engine Oil is specially formulated for it.

Hydrostatic Oil

Blend of synthetics Hydrostatic oil is specially formulated to maintain your Bad Boy Mower’s optimal performance while also keeping it running at a cooler temperature.

Ethanol Guard

Fuel stabilizer keeps fuel cleaner longer. Pour directly into the fuel tank to lengthen the amount of time fuel can be stored and prevent corrosion, gum formation, and water accumulation.

Accessories are subject to alteration, For more information, please consult with the Bad Boy Mowers dealer in your area.


In conclusion, commercial landscaping and lawn care professionals now trust Bad Boy zero turn mowers as a reliable option.

These mowers are made to withstand the demanding requirements of commercial applications thanks to their sturdy construction, strong engines, and cutting-edge technologies.

They can maneuver effectively and save time and effort because to their zero turn capabilities, which is essential in today’s cutthroat industry.

Commercial zero turn mowers from Bad Boy are a wise purchase if you’re looking for a dependable, high-performance unit.