Husqvarna Z246 Reviews (2023 Official Report) 

By | March 9, 2023

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As a homeowner looking for the perfect combination of affordability and performance, I know that my best bet is to go with Husqvarna’s Z246 Zero-Turn mower.

This commercial grade lawnmower has all the power you need while at an unbeatable price point compared to other models on the market.

It boasts a powerful engine along with its larger deck, making it one of Husqvrana’s absolute beasts in landscaping equipment.

Not only does this model come from trusted brand name quality but also offers convenience features such as enhanced control levers for easy maneuvering around your garden or property plot – making sure nothing goes untouched when it comes time keeping up appearances across varying terrain types!

With straightforward options available like these, there’s no better choice than the reliable and robust qualities found within Husqvarna’s Z246 zero turn mowers ensuring those who invest will be glad they did down each season spent enjoying their improved landscape today!

Reviewing The Husqvarna z246

The Husqvarna Z246 is a high-end residential zero turn lawn mower, perfect for big yards. Consumers often struggle to find honest reviews that go beyond the technical specification lingo and show an inability to review these products truly.

This blog aims to provide comprehensive insight into this product by providing detailed information on its features, pros and cons – all free of confusing jargon!

We believe in being open and transparent; so when you read our reviews we want them to be as accurate as possible with no hidden agenda or bias towards the particular brand.

Overview of Specifications 

  • Motor/engine manufacturer: Briggs & Stratton
  • Engine name: Endurance Series V-Twin
  • Power output: 20 hp
  • Transmission type: Hydrostatic
  • Transmission manufacturer: Hydro-Gear
  • Transmission model: ZT-2200
  • Speed forward max: 6.5 mph
  • Speed forward min: 0 mph
  • Engine cooling: Air
  • Air filter type: Auto-type Paper
  • Power/fuel type: Gasoline
  • Cutting width: 46 in
  • Cutting deck material: Steel
  • Deck thickness: 13 gauge
  • Cutting height steps: 6
  • Blade engagement: Electric clutch
  • Clutch rating: 105
  • Blades: 2 pcs
  • Weight: 504 lbs


I recently got a 20-horsepower Briggs and Stratton endurance v-twin engine to power my Husqvarna Z246.

Although the more powerful 24 horsepower model, the Z254 could be considered for those who really want some extra performance, it turns out that I’m getting an incredible amount of punch from this 20hp bad boy – plus there’s enough deck space left over.

It has premium air filtration with chrome plated valves combined with smooth bearings topped off by an oversized cooling fan; you can definitely feel the noticeable difference in high-end performance even before turning on its hood!

Ease of Use

I understand just how frustrating it can be to use equipment that isn’t easy and straightforward, which is why I really appreciate the features of the Husqvarna Z246.

This mower was built with gardeners in mind as its features account for their experiences when using different machines on a lawn or backyard – such as having an automatic park brake system included rather than needing two separate brakes like a lot of zero turn mowers require.

Not only does this make things simpler but also quicker too! That’s not all though, they have taken further steps towards ease-of-use by including these same functions across all of the other models within their Z200 series range so folks know what they’re getting every time: no surprises (just convenience).

Cutting Deck

I just upgraded to the Husqvarna Z246 lawn mower, and I’m absolutely loving it. The reinforced steel cutting deck of this machine is made to be durable.

Not only does that provide increased durability, but with its thick flat steel reinforcements on both leading edge and trim side too – strength doesn’t get more dependable than that!

It also has an Air Induction technology incorporated into the design which extracts clean air from above and below for excellent airflow; perfect for improved cutting performance!

It really offers you a smooth cut throughout your entire yard without sacrificing power or reliability no matter how tough the terrain may be. Having a superior deck lift system allows your to smoothly just your mowing deck height on the fly.

Anti-Scalp Wheels

Maintaining a healthy turf is of utmost importance for all lawn owners, but it can be difficult to ensure when mowing.

Rough wheels on some mowers can easily cause excessive scalping damage as they move through the grass path multiple times in order to cut down each blade at just the right length and promote growth.

Husqvarna has addressed this issue with their Z246 model by integrating anti-scalp wheels that prevent overcutting regardless how many times you pass around your mowing area – giving grass an even trim while keeping soil intact so longterm health isn’t compromised due to scalp damage accumulation over time.

Ergonomic Control Panel

I love the convenience of using a Husqvarna model with SmartSwitch technology. I no longer have to worry about bringing keys, or struggle with losing them and having to search for them before starting my mower – what used to be an annoying part of the process is now gone!

It only takes one quick touch on the control panel to get going – plus it’s great that this also serves as a security measure since kids can board but not operate it.

This single-touch feature has vastly improved my own experience when dealing with traditional lawn maintenance work by eliminating all hassle associated with finding lost keys and reduces any ensuing frustration due too.

Not only am I impressed by its contemporary design, but more importantly how comfortable yet secure this husqavrna model makes me feel while completing jobs around the property safely in just seconds rather than minutes or hours like previously needed without such pertinent features available at hand today.


When it comes to comfort and convenience, the Husqvarna Zero Turn Mower is a great choice. I recently bought one for my lawn mowing needs, and let me tell you – this machine really stands out in terms of user’s utmost comfort!

With its 15″ high back spring seat that provides incredible padding on both the seat and backrest areas, sitting down while operating it won’t be an issue at all – even after multiple hours of use.

What’s more? The option of adding armrest extensions allows my arms to take a break from time-to-time with ease; plus, there’s also conveniently placed cup holder so I can keep by beverages close nearby during work sessions too!

All these features come together perfectly well to provide maximum convenience for any users like myself who need quicker than ever turns without pain or fatigue getting in our way.


As a homeowner, I am always looking for ways to keep my lawn mower in tip-top shape for the upcoming summer season.

While Husqvarna has committed itself to make high quality equipment through its use of 13 gauge stamped steel and 3 year bumper-to-bumper warranty, it is still important that users do what they can to ensure proper maintenance on their machine over time.

This includes adhering closely with manufacturer suggestions such as lubrication particularly when using under harsh conditions like zero turns or when working against wear elements like wheels.

When it comes down to managing one’s problems related to upkeep and repairs throughout its life cycle , there really isn’t a stopgap solution but rather good faith pledge between user an manufacture alike dedicated towards performance guaranteed to build quailty machines while at the same teime being mindful of possible issues brought upon by years of continual usage – thanks mainly due ongoing maintenace free nature promoted b these products. as it comes with any piece of lawn equipment you will encounter problems.

lucky for you we have a put together a list of z246 problems.

Price and Value

Husqvarna is a premium brand that usually commands higher pricing for its lawn mower products and the Husqvarna Z242F zero-turn model is no different. In comparison to other models of similar size, this one definitely falls on the pricier end of things; however, given their popularity in today’s market it makes sense why they demand more money.

That said, paying extra seems worth it if you consider how dependable these machines have been over years –– particularly because buying something cheaper might mean sacrificing quality when taking into account long-term use at larger scale projects or properties.


When it comes to finding the right gear for my lawn, I’m always looking for husqvarna zero turn accessories.

From mulch kits that can help replenish lost nutrients in the soil over double bagger attachments so I don’t need to do as much work myself – there’s a huge variety of accessories out there and they all have their own qualities which could be perfect when combined with what you already have.

For example, if I had bought a Husqvarna Z246 mower then having additional components like hitch kit or an extra-large bagging attachment would mean more convenience (and less worry) each time I use it.

Making sure you get everything your equipment needs is essential; not only will these addons make yardwork easier but they also give me peace of mind knowing that no matter what debris might fly up while cutting grass won’t damage any part of my mower!


  • Zero turn radius allows operators to navigate the lawn more quickly to various areas.
  • A good cutting width can speed up the cutting process.
  • Handling and operation are simple
  • efficient use of fuel


  • Compared to other mowers on the market, it isn’t fast enough.
  • Unsuitable for uneven or hilly terrain

The official review: Husqvarna Z246 zero turn mower

I recently reviewed the Husqvarna Z246 Zero Turn Mower and I was impressed with what it has to offer. It’s a great choice for those who are looking for an affordable, yet high-performance lawn mower that provides tremendous value at its price point of around $3,000.

This machine offers very few maintenance needs and runs almost silently during operation due to its superior design and technology. In terms of features alone, this zero turn model stands above many others on the market; however these positive aspects pale in comparison when taking into account.

all the other benefits associated with using one such as quality construction materials which will ensure long lasting durability over time, powerful motors that enable you make quick work out of any grassy area or yard no matter how big or small they may be.

overall great service from customer representatives should something ever go wrong so your experience is never hampered along the way .

While making a wise buying decision can sometimes seem difficult given how much abundant things there are available today–the fact remains: With regards to finding cost effective solutions coupled with dependable results then look no further than investing in Husqvarna’s fantastic product line up—especially their most popular flagship model numbered 246! 

If you take my advice seriously after reading this review then I am confidant not only will have saved yourself some money but made better use it by having spent wisely within reason while still getting top-performing goods & services.

thanks largely too unprecedented reliability amidst consistent performance levels experienced through minimal fussing about involved throughout ownership once everything said done.

which thus equals less stress inducing more freedom allowing life expand lighten load benefiting everyone know whether already existing homeowner beginners alike get ready reap rewards. same time enjoy riding journey being enjoyed via now departing off own trailblazing always safe enjoyable voyage away.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions Husqvarna Z246 Reviews)

Can a zero turn cut wet grass?

Yes, a zero turn mower can cut wet grass, but it may not perform as well as when cutting dry grass.

What are the most common problems with zero-turn mowers?

1. Clogged Deck
2. Worn Blades
3. Operator Error
4. Engine Issues
5. Fuel System Issues

Are Husqvarna zero-turn mowers reliable?

Yes, Husqvarna zero-turn mowers are known for their reliability. They are designed to withstand heavy use and are built with quality parts. They are easy to maintain and service, and they come with a long warranty.

Is 1000 hours a lot on a zero-turn mower?

1000 hours is a lot of use for any lawn mower, but with proper maintenance and care, a zero-turn mower can last for many more hours.

Do zero-turn mowers hold their value?

Yes, zero-turn mowers do hold their value over time. Like most durable goods, zero-turn mowers can be expected to retain a significant portion of their original value.