Husqvarna Z560x Reviews (2023 Zero Turn Mower Guide)

By | February 23, 2023

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Are you looking to transform your current lawn-care game with the exceptional Husqvarna Z560x?

If so, then reading our comprehensive reviews can help guide you in making an informed purchase decision. Expert insights and advice make it easier than ever to craft the perfect lawn that will stand out from those of all your neighbors!

With this zero turn mower,you’ll cut through even tough terrain while enjoying ease at every step. Discover why Husqvarna’s latest innovation is taking outdoor maintenance a notch higher by reading on below for detailed Husqvarna Z560x Reviews– we’re sure they won’t disappoint!

The Need to Know About Z560x

Are you curious about the Husqvarna Z560x? Join us as we dive into the exciting world of this powerful zero turn mower with our comprehensive Husqvarna Z560x Reviews.

From its premium suspension seat, automatic parking brake, large fuel capacity and LED fuel gauge to its great cutting decks and cut quality plus durability and comfort while mowing; aesthetics, build quality not forgetting safety features plus price – no stone will be left unturned!

Let’s get ready for a detailed look at what makes up this top-performing machine from one of the best brands in outdoor power equipment today.


Power is an indispensible part of many machines, tools and applications. A simple example is the engine, like that seen on a Husqvarna Z560x lawn mower which relies on its 31 HP Kawasaki engine to achieve high power output.

Another example would be Yamaha’s 27.5 horsepower motor found in their own version of the same type of machine – The HusqvarnaZ560 – both highly rated by users for meeting their power requirements efficiently with minimal hand effort necessary in getting them started up and running smoothly every time they are used.

Premium Suspension Seat


The Z560 Suspension Seat is designed to provide users with the best possible comfort while navigating through demanding situations.

Constructed from cushioned materials, it offers all-day comfort and support for mower operators so they can continue working without any discomfort or fatigue.

With this premium seat, you’ll be able to tackle even the most challenging tasks confidently knowing that you will remain comfortable at all times.


The Z560x is the pinnacle of suspension seating. This professional-grade seat has a unique dial by weight system that provides optimal comfort to its users while they sit comfortably throughout their work day, regardless of size and shape variations among them.

With models comparable to those found on other markets, the distinguishing factor for this product lies in its full suspension feature which has been perfected over time within the entire Z500 series making it one of most comfortable seats you can buy today.

Automatic Parking Brake

The Automatic Parking Brake is an advanced feature of the Z560x vehicle, which eliminates manual operation. This system includes a unique braking system that has been patented and activates or deactivates upon turning either direction on the steering wheel levers.

The convenience of this technology makes it ideal for drivers since they don’t have to worry about manually activating their parking brake when leaving their car parked at any given spot.

However, if other safety measures are desired then these must also be taken into account before using this Automated Parking Brake System in order to ensure optimum protection against mishaps resulting from carelessness while driving vehicles with such technological advances.

Large Fuel Capacity

For those who need a reasonably large fuel capacity, both models offer roughly 12 gallons of gas in their tank. This is more than enough to handle several hours of mowing or other tasks before it needs refueling – perfect for all-day work and projects too big for smaller tanks.

With such an impressive amount of capacity, you don’t have to worry about running out; these machines are designed with the busiest users in mind!

LED Fuel Gauge

One of the most popular features found in both the Z560 and Z560x is a LED fuel gauge indicator. This helpful feature allows users to quickly estimate how much fuel they have left at any given time with an easy-to-read series of lights that provide visual level indicators as to their current levels.

With this, users will never find themselves running out unexpectedly since low or empty alerts make sure they are aware when it’s time for refueling!

The convenience offered by having such a great safety measure is second to none, making it one of the many reasons these models remain so highly sought after today.

Cutting Decks

The topic of cutting decks refers to the specific component found on lawnmowers. Depending on the model, these deck dimensions vary greatly in length, width and weight as well as minimum cutting heights which are usually around 1 inch.

Some gauge steel such as 10-gauge is normally used for high quality models while 7-gage can also be seen across various models.

In particular, The Z560x has a maximum height of 5 inches and a minimum cut height at one inch if it were compared with the other highly popular model -Z 560 whose parameters include 81 inches long by 46 inches wide weighing 1250 pounds respectively.

This comparison between both types reflects some major features worth looking out for when seeking potential buying options from different manufacturers before deciding upon purchase overall

Cut Quality

Husqvarna is renowned for their cut quality, and the Z500 Series mowers are designed to maintain this high standard.

They have a 3-in-1 cutting system that allows them to navigate tough terrain with ease – even in long periods of time without putting excessive strain on the user.

Furthermore, because of its impressive ability to handle tall grass through shorter work cycles, Husqvarna’s z560x has become an important attribute among those who need the utmost respect when it comes to tackling some of the toughest terrains imaginable.

With good care and maintenance, users can expect great performance from these top notch machines as they rely on consistent levels or superior cut quality over extended use periods.


When it comes to lawn mowers, durability is one of the most important points. The Z560x and other models from Husqvarna are known for their superior quality when it comes to cutting results due to their premium blades made from high-quality material designed with special features.

Additionally, these mowers have a one-piece steel body that is powder coated for better capacity against corrosion and rusting – ensuring a longer life span even in the toughest of conditions over many years.

Ball bearing wheels allow for flexible movement throughout heavy-duty use – making Husqvarna lawnmowers particularly durable compared to others on market today.

Comfort of Mowing

One of the key reasons that make mowing a comfortable task is having models like Z560 and Z560x, which are designed to bring comfort while performing this activity.

They have seats with ergonomic structures as well larger capacity shock absorbers to ensure smooth ride over even extremely uneven surfaces.

The suspension used ensures maximized safety for users no matter how rough road conditions may be.

Thanks to these features, you can enjoy the full benefit of easy operation and convenience when using models such ase those in the series mentioned above – all adding up creating an overall comforting experience during your mowing sessions!


Aesthetics are an important part of product design, as customers often rely on the physical appearances and overall aesthetics to differentiate a product from its competitors. How well these special design features appeal can have a significant effect on whether or not it is chosen for purchase.

This applies especially if multiple products appear similar in terms of term but differ slightly when compared side by side; such as with the Z560x where customers may note certain distinguishing body elements that sets it apart.

Ultimately though, each individual customer must decide what they think looks good based off their personal preference – which defines any item’s true aesthetic value.

Build Quality

When it comes to build quality, husqvarna lawn mower zero turns are unmatched. The Z560x model in particular stands out as a reflection of the overall philosophy that Husqvarna has: to provide customers with easy-to-use products made from high quality steel metal and designed for ergonomic usability.

As such, both models – the Z560 and its superior version, the Z560x – represent an unbeatable value when you consider their money vs benefit ratio due to having some of highest build qualities available on the market today.

Safety Features

For those looking for a mower with inbuilt safety features, there are two models available which have the biggest takeaway being that they come with an auto stop mechanism to protect users from any risks associated with using them on tough terrains.

Additionally, the blades of these models are placed securely and safely reducing further risk of accidents or other incidents taking place while mowing environments.

Therefore customers need not worry when investing their money as all necessary precautions have been taken by manufacturers to ensure maximum customer and operational safety.


When considering price, the Z560x stands out from its counterpart – the Z560. The original model has a lower tag of $8,999 while the newer edition is priced at approximately $9,912.

This difference may be attributed to several factors such as additional husqvarna zero turn attachments or quicker engine speed on offer with the latter choice; these extras likely have their own associated cost which leads to higher pricing overall for this device than previously available models on release.

The official review: Husqvarna Z560X zero turn mower

The Husqvarna Z500 Series Zero Turn Mower offers a powerful and reliable mowing service with its various features, functions, specifications and customer feedbacks.

The zero turn technology enables users to achieve fast results throughout their lawn cutting experience while the robust design ensures years of comfortable usage as well as secure navigation when tackling hills or inappropriate terrain.

Customers benefit from superior performance whilst taking account of their safety at all times; praised for best-of-design engineering technologies by countless reviews provided over several years’ time – this efficient machine is one that stands out in an ever growing industry.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions Husqvarna Z560X Reviews)

How does the Z560X compare to other zero turn mowers?

The Husqvarna Z560X is considered to be a high-performing zero turn mower with a smooth and responsive control. It is comparable to other premium models in its class in terms of performance and features.

What is the mowing speed and maneuverability like with the Z560X?

The Z560X has a top speed of 6.5 mph and is highly maneuverable, making it easy to navigate around obstacles and in tight spaces.

How does the cutting deck perform and how easy is it to change the blades?

The cutting deck on the Z560X is strong and durable, with a cutting width of 56 inches. The blades are easy to change, with a quick-release mechanism that makes it simple to switch them out.

What is the build quality and durability like for the Z560X?

The build quality of the Z560X is excellent, with a heavy-duty frame and durable components. Customers have noted that the mower holds up well over time, even with frequent use.

How does the Z560X handle hills and rough terrain?

The Z560X handles hills and rough terrain with ease, thanks to its large, sturdy wheels and smooth suspension system. It is capable of mowing on uneven terrain without sacrificing speed or precision.