Bad Boy Fuel Gauge Not Working [Informational]

By | November 8, 2023

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I was recently mowing my lawn when my Bad Boy fuel gauge not working. This can be extremely frustrating, as it interrupts you in the middle of a job and never want to run out of fuel when your not near your barn.

Being stuck on the other side of your property is no fun, and you should never have to worry about if you have fuel or not. 

This happens because many E and F gas gauges are inaccurate, simple mechanisms that use time to determine how much gasoline is left in the tank.

It’s easy for these things to get off track, especially if there’s any build-up on the sensor itself. Over time (or with a lot of wear), they just stop functioning altogether.

Causes of a Bad Boy Fuel Gauge Not Working Correctly

There are several potential reasons why my fuel gauge may not be working correctly. The most common reason is a broken gas gauge.

This can happen if the float gets stuck or the wires become disconnected. Another possibility is buildup on the slide, which makes it difficult for the pointer to move fluidly.

The shaft might also be bent, which would make it impossible for the pointer to point in the right direction. Whatever the problem, it’s important to adjust my fuel gauge so I can know how much gas I have and avoid running out abruptly.

Broken Gas Gauge

If your gas gauge is broken, it is important to inspect it and determine the cause. Often, cracked thin connections are to blame for breaking gas gauges.

This could be elsewhere in the system or inside the tank. The fact that free-floating gas gauges are less firmly attached to anything makes them more vulnerable to this issue.

If the glass on your gauge is shattered or broken, a small piece of debris may get lodged beneath the pointer, preventing it from functioning properly.

In either case, replacing your broken gas gauge as soon as possible is advisable to avoid further problems.

Build up on shaft

As the fuel in my tank starts to get low, I begin to notice that the pointer on my gas gauge isn’t moving as smoothly as it used to. Upon closer inspection, I see that there is a build-up of dirt and grime on the shaft that the float rides on.

This can cause inaccurate readings from my gas gauge, so it’s important to regularly clean the sender unit float and anchor shaft.

Additionally, should decide to keep fuel in my tank at then end of mowing season, It’s crucial that empty the tank and properly treat.

Any sediment or gunk can become an issue if not dealt with promptly, so by taking these precautions with care. using proper and treated gas can prevent additional build up.

You can hopefully mitigate any gauging issues from arising again unexpectedly .

Bent Shaft

Bent shafts are a common issue with mowers. If you notice that your mower’s gauge is bent, it is important to take caution when siphoning fuel and inspect the float afterwards.

This basic maintenance will help ensure proper function of your mower and avoid any future issues.

How Does a Fuel Gauge Work?

A fuel gauge is a device that measures the level of fuel in a tank and displays this information to the operator. The most common type of fuel gauges employ a float that rests on top of the gasoline.

As the fuel level in the tank changes, so does the float’s position, which causes movement in a pointer that indicates how much gas remains on a face or dial.

This allows the operator to understand how full easily or empty their tank is at any given time.

How to Test the Fuel Gauge

If you want to test your fuel gauge to see if it is working properly, you can do a few things. First, use a siphon to remove some of the fuel so that you can clearly see the needle on the gauge.

Next, inspect the gauge itself for any damage or wear and tear. Finally, add or subtract fuel while keeping an eye on the needle – if it responds appropriately then your fuel gauge is likely in good working order.

However, irregular movement or a still needle could indicate an issue with the gauge that needs further attention.

Fuel Gauge Replacement Cost

The cost of replacing a fuel gauge on a lawn mower can vary depending on the type of mower and the complexity of the installation process.

For some types of Bad Boy Mowers, the fuel gauge is simply a grommet that seals the opening in the fuel tank. Others may have more complex gauges that require special skills or knowledge to install properly.

Contacting your local repair shop for an estimate is always recommended before attempting any repairs yourself.

Keep in mind that prices can vary widely for both parts and labor, so getting multiple estimates is always a good idea.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions Bad Boy Fuel Gauge)

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