Bad Boy Mower Oil Change [Step-by-Step Guide]

By | March 31, 2023

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Your lawn mower needs to have its oil changed on a regular basis to keep it operating effectively. You may either do this task on your own or with assistance from a certified Bad Boy service dealer.

Consult your operator’s handbook for further instructions since the procedure may vary depending on the individual Simplicity tractor or zero turn mower you own. This simple maintenance procedure can help to maintain your mower in excellent shape for many years to come.

Equipment needed for A Bad Boy Mower Oil Change

  • To fit the drain plug, use a socket wrench set or a wrench (spanner).
  • ignition plug wrench
  • Shallow vessel for storing collected oil after draining. Ideal is a biscuit (cookie) tin.
  • a few rags for cleaning hands and mopping up spills
  • Useless gloves
  • a few newspapers or sheets of plastic to cover the ground or floor
  • Using bricks or small pieces of 2″ lumber to lift the mower off the ground.

Step 1: Prepare your zero-turn riding lawn mower for maintenance

Repairing your Bad Boy Zero-Turn lawnmower can be deadly if the right safety precautions are not taken. Before doing any repairs, make sure the mower is on a flat surface and switched off. The parking brake must also be used in order to keep the lawnmower from moving while you are operating.

A further way to prevent the wheels from rolling is to look to see whether they are blocked. Unplug the ignition key and spark plug ignition wires to prevent unintended starts. Finally, prepare ahead of time by gathering your tools, oil, and catch basin to avoid delays or interruptions.

Step 2: Clean the oil fill and remove the dipstick

Remove any debris that you discover in the region surrounding the oil fill and drain, then clean up that area. It is imperative that you take the dipstick out of the oil fill tube as soon as possible.

To accomplish this, you pull it out of the tube to get started. If there is any dirt or grime on it, make sure to clear it off so that you can get an accurate reading when you check the oil level in the next step.

Step 3: Drain oil Via a drain hose

Let the oil drain out after removing the cap, which is accomplished by taking out the drain plug that is situated near to the mower’s back. The cleaning and recycling procedures will probably go much more smoothly if you drain the engine oil into a recyclable bottle or an empty oil container rather than a conventional oil container.

When the oil starts to pour, you must first wait until it slows down before continuing to wait until it completely stops. Reinstall the drain cover after thoroughly cleaning it.

Step 4: Remove the oil filter and dispose of it properly

Find the oil filter on your mower before you attempt to replace the oil on it. The filter is attached to the mower’s engine in its usual spot. You will need to use an oil wrench to detach it from the engine to get rid of it.

Before you begin, position a drain pan underneath so you can collect any oil that may spill over. After taking off the old filter and disposing of it appropriately, you may screw on the new one.

Step 5: Install the oil filter

Put the replacement oil filter into its designated location. Before hand-tightening the screw 3/4 of a turn at a time clockwise for finger-tightness, be sure that the gasket is appropriately located and that a thin film of oil has been applied to it. When you test start the engine of your mower later on, this may prevent leaks.

8 to 11 PSI
Dimensions: 3 in. outer dia. x 3 in. H
27 microns
Mower oil filter is fitted with anti-drain capabilities

Oil filter fits Briggs & Stratton Vanguard & Twin cylinder engines
Also fits Kohler 14, 16, 18, 20 HP Magnum engines
Replaces Bad Boy OEM #s 063-2010-00, Briggs & Stratton 491056

8 to 11 PSI
Dimensions: 3 in. outer dia. x 2 in. H
28 microns

Step 6: add oil, Replace the dipstick and check oil levels 

Every Bad Boy engine utilizes 10W30 grade motor oil and has a capacity of 2 quarts. Either conventional or synthetic methods are acceptable here.

After you have completed the procedure of putting fresh oil into your Bad Boy Magnum, the next step is to replace the dipstick that can be found on the interior of the mower.

Bad Boy 085-6000-00 Hydrostatic Oil

blended specifically to keep your Bad Boy Mower running cooler. Use for optimum performance. 1 gal. container size

Bad Boy 085-6015-00 Engine Oil 

Specifically made for your Bad Boy Mower. Ensures longer engine life
Factory replacement premium synthetic SAE 30 oil. 1 quart, Works with gasoline engines

After a short interval of waiting, the dipstick will need to be removed from the engine and inspected to determine the current oil level in the machine.

If more oil is required, add it up until the “full” indication on the dipstick is reached. Perform this step only if more oil is required.

Step 7: Dispose of oil and get ready to mow

Re-attach the wire that leads to the spark plug ignition. The used oil should then be discarded appropriately.

Before you start mowing, you should first release the parking brake and operate the mower in an area with enough ventilation so that the fresh oil can make its way through the engine.

If you are interested in doing additional types of preventative maintenance once the oil has been changed.

Conclusion (Maintain Engine Condition)

In conclusion, it is important to properly maintain your zero-turn riding lawn mower in order to extend its life and keep it running smoothly and prevent damage.

To save money on costly zero-turn mowers, it’s crucial to maintain them with proper care. This involves routinely changing the oil, monitoring the oil level, and safely disposing of used oil. Furthermore, examine the spark plug wire and reconnect it if needed.

Lastly, always disengage the parking brake before mowing and guarantee that the working environment is well-ventilated for optimal air circulation.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions Bad Boy Oil Change)

How much oil does a bad boy Magnum take?

A bad boy Magnum takes approximately 2.5 quarts of oil.

What kind of oil does a Bad Boy mower use?

The company recommends using a high-quality, four-stroke motor oil with an API service classification of SJ or higher.

Is hydrostatic oil the same as motor oil?

No. Hydrostatic oil is a type of hydraulic fluid used in hydrostatic transmissions. Motor oil is used to lubricate engines.

How often should you service your zero turn mower?

It is typically recommended to service a zero turn mower at least once per year.