MZ Rambler Reviews (2023 Newest Zero-Turn)

By | March 9, 2023

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The newest addition to the Bad Boy family of mowers is the All-New MZ Rambler. This impressive machine is built with the same heritage of construction as every previous Bad Boy, meaning it’s sure to be a cut above the competition. The Rambler comes in three different models to best suit your needs, and each one offers unique features that make lawn care easier than ever. With this mower, you’ll have fun while getting your yard work done quickly and easily – making it perfect for busy homeowners who want the best of both worlds.

What The Bad Boy MZ Rambler Reviews will explore

This article will cover a variety of topics, including the capabilities of various categories, their advantages and disadvantages, how to design your own special bad boy, and a lot more.

The options available for the Engine, There are options available for the Deck, one of the most important features of zero-turn mowers, as well as for the costs, extras, and information on how they work.

MZ Rambler Capabilities

The newly designed Mz Rambler is a powerful and efficient lawn mower that offers homeowners an affordable option for maintaining their yards. This ground-breaking machine comes equipped with smaller rear wheels, a smaller deck size, and more economical engine options making it the perfect choice for those with smaller yards. Additionally, the All-New MZ Rambler boasts a stronger frame and better finish cut than its competitors in the market – all at an unbeatable price.

a class-leading performance machine that offers COMFORT and CONTROL. With its unique steering dampening system, the Mz Rambler provides tight and smooth maneuverability for better response times. The adjustable seat can be moved front to back to provide optimum comfort levels while operating the machine. To ensure your perfect cut every time, use the deck height adjustment pedal on either side of the deck. For easy access to all pulleys and drive belts, flip up the floorboard with rubber mat. There is also plenty of storage space available thanks to the large fuel tanks located on both sides of the cup holder

Mz Rambler Reviews

MZ Rambler Pros and Cons


  • Comfortable seat
  • Can be used at narrow space
  • same larger and stronger frame as our ZT Elite and MZ Magnum


  • one deck size option

Ability to Build your Unique MZ Rambler

Bad Boy Mowers is a company that takes a lot of pride in the lawn mowers that they build according to the specific instructions provided by the customer. In addition to providing the standard options, Bad Boy also provides customers with dozens of accessories from which to choose, with the goal of ensuring that your mower is appropriately equipped to carry out the necessary responsibilities. One of the many services that they provide is the ability to personalize a selection of blades, engines, and even tires to meet your particular requirements.

Trust me When it comes to your next lawn mower, Bad Boy has got you covered no matter what specifications you need it to have. They are aware that each client has specific demands in relation to the upkeep of their lawn, and as a result, they offer a variety of individualized service options in order to ensure that each customer receives exactly what it is that they require.

This mean machine sets the standard for the industry in terms of both strength and durability, and it comes with a choice of five different engines and four different deck sizes. In addition, it is the machine that establishes the standard for the industry.

Mower Engine Options

Kohler 5400 KS590 541cc

The Kohler 5400 KS590 541cc engine is designed for comfort and reliability. It features a Triple-Balance System that creates an improbably smooth ride, as well as commercial-grade components for durability. An inverted oil filter makes oil changes mess-free, while Smart-Choke Technology ensures reliable starting in all conditions.

Kohler 7000 KT725 725cc

The Kohler 7000 series KT725 725cc engine will outperform your neighbors with its V-time design and three year, unlimited hour limited warranty. The PRO Performance filtration package increases the capacity of the air, oil, and fuel filters so that you get cleaner cuts each time. Pressure lubrication prolongs engine life by maintaining well-lubricated critical components while Smart-ChokeTM technology ensures that the engine starts hot or cold – even in below freezing temperatures!

Mower Deck Options

There are several different mower deck options available from Bad Boy Mowers; the one you select will depend on the dimensions of your yard. The cutting capacity of the 4200 series deck is up to 42 inches, and it features a moveable chute that can be 47 inches high or 56 inches low. This is an excellent choice for lawns that are less than 2.25 acres in size.

Mower Key Features

The drive belts, rubber, deck height, steering dampening system, and perfect cut time are the most important aspects of the mower’s design. In addition, this mower comes equipped with a deck lift pedal that enables the user to effortlessly adjust the deck height, resulting in improved response and agility. The enormous gasoline tanks can be reached without much effort thanks to the deep storage area and the cup holder. Pulleys and drive belts are not difficult to reach thanks to the flip-up floorboard that has a rubber mat underneath it.

 MZ Rambler Accessories

The Mz Rambler is designed to be compatible with Bad Boy’s extensive lineup of aftermarket accessories, which includes roll-over protection systems, tire upgrades, mulching kits, and more. Regardless of the specifics of your needs, there is always an accessory that can be purchased that will enhance the overall quality of your mowing experience.

When it comes to the components that make up a lawnmower, the tires are among those that are regarded as being among the most important. When it comes to performance as well as steadiness, having the right tires can make all the difference in the world. As a result of this, Bad Boy gives its customers the opportunity to upgrade the Mz Rambler tires on their vehicle with FIELDTRAX® TIRES and MICHELIN® TWEELS FRONT TIRES. The excellent traction and stability provided by these tires will not be compromised, regardless of the condition of your lawn, which they are designed to handle.

The ROLL-OVER PROTECTION SYSTEM is yet another fantastic accessory that is available to buy from Bad Boy (ROPS). This system will protect you and keep you safe in the event that the mower you are operating rolls over while you are using it. It will help you avoid injury and keep you safe. In addition to this, it comes with an LED light bar, which enables you to continue working even when the visibility is low due to the fact that it illuminates the area.

Installing powered bagger systems or upgrading to a mulching kit are two options worth considering if you want to cut down on the amount of grass clippings that are left on your lawn while also improving the overall health of your grass and landscaping. Both of these options will hasten the process by which chopped grass clippings return to the soil as compost, which will, in the long run, lead to healthier turf. Both of these options can be found here. The less often you cut the grass, the fewer messes you’ll have to clean up afterward. And if you want that perfectly striped look on your lawn without having to lay down tape or hire someone with a professional stripe machine, the Rear Frame Mount Striping Kit that Bad Boy offers will take care of that problem for you!

 MZ Rambler Zero Turn Mower Price

  • 42″ DECK – 541CC KOHLER 5400 – MSRP $3,349.00
  • 42″ DECK – 725CC KOHLER 7000 – MSRP $3,649.00

 MZ Rambler Series Zero Turn Mowers Specs

  • Transmission: Dual Hydro Gear ZT 2200 Drive Systems
  • Deck Thickness: 7 Gauge, 3/16″ Thick Solid Steel
  • Cutting Height: 1.5″ – 4.5″ with Deck Height Control System
  • Lift & Height Adjustment: Foot-Assist Manual Lift with Dial-Style Height Adjustment. Optional Electric Lift.
  • Rear Tires / Front Tires: 18×8.5-8 Turf / 11×4-5 Smooth
  • Fuel: 5 Gallons, Unleaded Gasoline
  • Ground Speed (Forward): Up To 6 mph
  • Weight: 4200 – 632 lbs.

Conclusion MZ Rambler Reviews

The Mz Rambers design is focused on the drive belts, rubber, deck height, steering dampening system, and perfect cut time. Additionally, this mower has a deck lift pedal that makes it easy for users to change the deck height. The flip-up floorboard with rubber mat underneath makes it easy to access pulleys and drive belts. Thanks to these important aspects of its design, the All-New MZ Rambler outperforms its competitors in terms of both price and performance while still being an excellent choice for homeowners with smaller yards.

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FAQ (Mz Rambler Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best time of year to buy a zero turn mower?

The best time of year to buy a zero turn mower is during the spring or summer.

What are the disadvantages of a zero turn lawn mower?

Some potential disadvantages of zero turn lawn mowers include: – they can be more expensive than other types of lawn mowers – they may not be ideal for very large lawns – they can be more difficult to maneuver than other types of lawn mowers

Should you run a zero-turn at full throttle?

No, you should not run a zero-turn at full throttle.

Do Bad Boy mowers have hour meter?

Bad Boy mowers do not have hour meters.

How does a lawn mower hour meter work?

A lawn mower hour meter is a device that tracks how many hours the lawn mower has been used. It is usually mounted on the mower’s dashboard and has a reset button that can be pressed to reset the meter back to zero.