ZT Avenger Reviews (Ingredients to A Proven Mower)

By | October 30, 2022

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Become the yard’s superhero with the ZT Avenger. This popular model mower from Bad Boy Mowers has been transformed into an affordable option for the residential homeowner. The ZT Avenger perfectly balances power and performance with a price tag that won’t break the bank. It features the same build quality and durability as other Bad Boy Mowers, making it a wise investment for anyone looking for a long-lasting lawnmower. When compared to other mowers in its price range, the ZT Avenger is unmatched in terms of value. For proof, just take a look at the satisfied customer reviews online or ascend the deck one step yourself!

What The Bad Boy Zt Avenger Reviews will explore

In this article, we will discuss the capabilities of multiple categories, including the benefits and drawbacks of each, the ability to create your own one-of-a-kind bad boy, as well as a great deal of other information. In addition, we will discuss the capabilities of multiple categories, including the ability to create your own one-of-a-kind bad boy.

Various configurations can to be chosen for the Engine, The different options that are available for the Deck, which is one of the most important components of zero-turn mowers, as well as the costs, accessories, and particulars regarding how they should be used are discussed in this section.

ZT Avenger Reviews

Zt Avenger Capabilities

I am the Zt Avenger and I have some amazing capabilities. I have a perfect deck height that always results in a perfect cut. Additionally, my deck lift pedal is adjustable so you can easily find the right setting for your needs. And to top it all off, I also have an exclusive steering dampening system that makes maneuvering a breeze.

Zt Avenger Pros and Cons

The Zt Avenger is a lawn mower that has many pros and cons. Some of the pros include its 725 cc Kohler engine which gives it good power and maneuverability. Additionally, its baffling system ensures that grasses are cut cleanly. However, some of the cons include its price tag and lack of certain features such as a mulching option.


  • High-performance
  • Powerful engine


  • Big and weighty
  • Bagging option not present

Ability to Build your Unique Zt Avenger

Bad Boy Mowers is a company that takes great pride in the lawn mowers that they build to the customer’s specifications. In addition to providing the standard options, Bad Boy also offers dozens of accessories to choose from in order to make certain that your mower is well-suited to perform the required tasks. One of their many offerings is a selection of blades, engines, and even tires that can be customized to your specifications.

Trust me When it comes to your next lawn mower, Bad Boy has you covered no matter what you require from it. They are aware that each customer has unique requirements pertaining to the maintenance of their lawn, and as a result, they provide a variety of individualized service options to guarantee that each client receives precisely what they require.

This mean machine sets the standard for the industry in terms of both strength and durability, and it comes with a choice of five different engines and four different deck sizes.

Mower Engine Options

Kohler 7000 725cc – 25hp

The Kohler 7000 series engine is a top-of-the-line product that offers freezing protection, extended engine life, and consistent performance in tough mowing conditions. This commercial-grade engine design has many features that are not found on other engines in this class. A three-year unlimited-hour limited warranty is offered with this product.

Kawasaki FR691 726cc – 23hp

The Kawasaki FR691 726cc- 23hp engine is a commercial-grade powerplant that can handle the toughest demands in your yard. This 4-cycle engine features an internally vented carburetor and an automatic compression release. The V-valve 90 degrees design provides more power and reliability, while the electronic spark ignition and pressurized lubrication system ensure easy starting and long-lasting performance. The cast iron cylinder liners provide durability, even under heavy use, and the single-stage air filter keeps debris out of the engine for optimal performance.

Briggs CXI25 724cc – 25hp

The Briggs CXI25 724cc- 25hp engine is a true professional use engine that delivers dependable power and easy starts. With its cast iron cylinder sleeve and electronic ignition, this engine is built for longevity and quick effortless starts. The dual clean air filtration system ensures smooth running while the maintenance-free design includes an oil filter, fuel pump, and 16 amp charging system – making it turn-key ready.

Mower Deck Options

There are several different mower deck options available from Bad Boy Mowers; the one you select will depend on the dimensions of your yard. The deck of the 5400 series can cut up to 54 inches, and it has a movable chute that can be 58 inches high or 67 inches low. This is an excellent choice for lawns that are less than four acres in size. With a chute that can be adjusted up or down by 58/73 inches, the 6000 series deck gives you the ability to cut up to 60 inches. This is the perfect solution for lawns that are between 3.4 and 3.75 acres in size. You will be able to move around your property at a pace of seven miles per hour, regardless of the Bad Boy Mower Deck you decide to go with, which will allow you to do even the most labor-intensive tasks in record time.

Mower Key Features

The Mower Key Features steel, solid steel, gauge steel, perfect cut, perfect deck height, 

steel rail frame, deck lift pedal are just a few of the features that set this mower apart from others in its class. This mean machine also boasts an all-welded deck and industry-leading 3/8″ steel front forks – both Bad Boy construction hallmarks. The innovative baffling system made of sturdy 7-gauge steel with reinforced edges provides maximized airflow for greater grass lift and cleaner cuts. And for better traction overall, the entire design rests on a lower center of gravity. Finally controls such as electric blade start are accessible and ease of cleaning/maintenance is top-notch – without sacrificing quality or performance one bit!

Zt Avenger Accessories

The Zt Avenger is compatible with Bad Boy’s extensive lineup of aftermarket accessories, which includes tire upgrades, mulching kits, roll-over protection systems, and more. There is always an accessory available that can improve your mowing experience, no matter your requirements.

The tires on a lawnmower are among the components that are considered among the most crucial. When it comes to both performance and steadiness, having the appropriate tires can make all the difference. Because of this, Bad Boy allows customers to upgrade their Zt Avenger with FIELDTRAX® TIRES and MICHELIN® TWEELS FRONT TIRES. Regardless of the state of your lawn, the excellent traction and stability provided by these tires will not be compromised.

The ROLL-OVER PROTECTION SYSTEM is yet another excellent add-on that can be purchased from Bad Boy (ROPS). In the event that your mower rolls over while you are operating it, this system will help you avoid injury and keep you safe. Additionally, it comes with an LED light bar, which enables you to continue working even in conditions with poor visibility.

If you are looking for ways to reduce the amount of grass clippings left on your lawn and improve its overall health, then you should think about installing powered bagger systems or upgrading to a mulching kit. Both of these choices will hasten the process by which chopped grass clippings return to the soil as compost, which will, in the long run, lead to healthier turf. You’ll have to clean up less every time you cut the grass! And if you want that perfectly striped look on your lawn without having to lay down tape or hire someone with a professional stripe machine, Bad Boy has got you covered with their Rear Frame Mount Striping Kit!

Zt Avenger Zero Turn Mower Price

  • 54″ DECK – 725CC KOHLER 7000 – MSRP $5,859.00
  • 60″ DECK – 725CC KOHLER 7000 – MSRP $6,019.00
  • 54″ DECK – 726CC KAWASAKI FR691 – MSRP $6,489.00
  • 60″ DECK – 726CC KAWASAKI FR691 – MSRP $6,649.00
  • 54″ DECK – 724CC BRIGGS CXI25 – MSRP $5,859.00
  • 60″ DECK – 724CC BRIGGS CXI25 – MSRP $6,019.00

Zt Avenger Series Zero Turn Mowers Specs

  • Transmission: 2800 Hydro-Gear® 10cc Integrated Transaxle
  • Deck Thickness: 3/16″ Thick Solid Steel
  • Cutting Height: 1.5″ – 4.5″ with Deck Height Control System
  • Lift & Height Adjustment: Foot-Assist Manual Lift with Dial-Style Height Adjustment. Optional Electric Lift.
  • Rear Tires / Front Tires: 20×12-10 Turf / 12×6-6 Smooth
  • Fuel: 6.5 Gallons, Unleaded Gasoline
  • Ground Speed (Forward): Up To 7 mph
  • Weight: 5400 – 746 lbs.; 6000 – 763 lbs.

Conclusion Complete Overview

The Bad Boy Zt Avenger lawnmower is an excellent option for those looking for a powerful and nimble machine to take care of their expansive lawns. It offers the power and performance that you require to get the job done in the way that it should be done thanks to its 725 cc Kohler engine, electric blade start, and revolutionary baffling system. In addition, the vehicle’s center of gravity is lower, resulting in improved traction and overall mobility. This mower is ideal for people who want quality results without having to go through a lot of trouble to get them because it has a control panel that is simple to use and a deck lift pedal that is comfortable.

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FAQ (Zt Avenger Frequently Asked Questions) 

How many hours will a zero turn mower last?

A zero turn mower will last for approximately 500 hours.

How often should you service a zero turn mower?

You should service a zero turn mower every 50 hours of use.

What size zero-turn mower do I need for 2 acres?

If you are mowing 2 acres of land, you will need a zero-turn mower with a cutting width of at least 54 inches.

Do Bad Boy mowers have Kawasaki engines?

Bad Boy mowers are available with a Kawasaki engine.

How steep of a hill can a zero-turn mower?

A zero-turn mower can handle a hill with a maximum grade of 15 degrees.