Best Mower for Bermuda Grass: Mow with Confidence

By | January 28, 2024

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If you’re grappling with maintaining pristine Bermuda grass, your mower choice is pivotal. With a background in landscape maintenance and a particular focus on Bermuda turf management, I bring a wealth of experience to the table.

Having rigorously tested and reviewed an array of mowers, my recommendations are tailored to meet the unique demands of this challenging grass type. Trust in my expertise to guide you to a mower that delivers a flawless finish.

Our Top List

  1. EGO Power+ LM2102SP-A 21-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion
  2. Honda HRX217K6VKA
  3. Toro TimeMaster 30-inch
  4. American Lawn Mower Company 50514 14 11-Amp Corded
  5. LawnMaster CLMFR6020A 0802 Cordless 21-Inch
Engine/PowerCutting WidthDurabilityWeightFeatures/ TechnologyComfort/ SafetyPriceWarranty
EGO Power+56-volt lithium-ion battery21″8.5/1062.6 Ibs9/109.5/10Check current price5 yrs
HondaGCV200 Honda mower engine21″8/1089 lbs8.5/109.5/10Check current price5 yrs
ToroBriggs and Stratton 223 cc30″8/10144 lbs8.5/109/10Check current price3 yrs
American Lawn Mower120V, AC only, 60Hz, 11 Amps14″7.5/1020.28 lbs8.5/109/10Check current price2 yrs
LawnMaster60V MAX 4.0Ah battery20″7/1040.79 lbs8.5/108.5/10 Check current price2 yrs

1. EGO Power+ LM2102SP-A 21-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion 

EGO Power 21 in

I’ve recently had the chance to test out the EGO Power+ LM2102SP-A lawn mower on my Bermuda grass lawn, and I’m eager to share my findings.

This machine boasts impressive features, but it’s also got its fair share of drawbacks alongside the pros and cons.

Let’s get into what makes this mower stand out and where it could use some improvement.


  • Cutting Width: Features a robust 21-inch cutting width, suitable for efficiently managing Bermuda grass’s dense texture.
  • Battery System: Powered by an efficient 56-volt lithium-ion battery, offering reliable performance.
  • Clipping Disposal System: Versatile options for handling grass clippings including mulching, bagging, or using side discharge, adaptable to various lawn conditions and preferences.
  • Blade Sharpness: Maintains a sharp edge, crucial for frequent mowing needed to keep Bermuda grass at its ideal height, ensuring a clean cut consistently.
  • Seasonal Reliability: Demonstrates impressive reliability throughout different seasons, effectively handling rapid spring growth as well as slower growth in fall.


  • Cordless design offers flexibility and eliminates the need for fuel.
  • 21-inch cutting width efficiently handles dense Bermuda grass.
  • Versatile clipping disposal options (mulching, bagging, side discharge).
  • Maintains blade sharpness effectively for consistent, clean cuts.
  • Reliable performance across different seasons.


  • Limited battery runtime may require pauses for recharging.
  • Cordless design may lack the power of gas models for extremely thick grass.

My Opinion

I find the EGO Power+ LM2102SP-A to be a top contender for maintaining Bermuda grass lawns, thanks to its robust design and user-friendly features.

Bermuda resilience calls for a mower that can handle the grass’s thickness and frequent mowing needs without faltering. This model’s sharp blades ensure a clean cut every time, which is crucial for the health of the turf.

The EGO Power+ also seems to have climate compatibility in its favor, performing admirably in the varied conditions that Bermuda grass often endures.

The cordless convenience further sweetens the deal, providing the flexibility required to keep up with the mowing frequency without the hassle of cords or gas.

2. Honda HRX217K6VKA

Honda HRX217K6VKA

The Honda HRX217K6VKA, a mower renowned for its adaptability and high performance, especially on challenging Bermuda grass lawns.

This model, with its innovative features and reliable design, has caught my attention for its potential to transform lawn care.


  • Cutting Deck: Equipped with a 21-inch cutting deck, offering an ideal balance between extensive coverage and easy maneuverability.
  • Versamow System: Features the innovative Versamow System, enabling simultaneous mulching and bagging to suit various lawn maintenance needs.
  • 4-in-1 System: Operates with a versatile 4-in-1 system, including mulching, bagging, discharge, and leaf-shredding capabilities, enhancing its utility for different lawn care requirements.
  • Hydrostatic Cruise Control: Comes with hydrostatic cruise control, facilitating smooth and effortless speed adjustments during mowing.
  • MicroCut System: Incorporates a twin blade MicroCut System that produces ultra-fine clippings, optimizing mulching efficiency and increasing the volume of clippings per bag, beneficial for Bermuda grass health and appearance.


  • 21-inch cutting deck balances coverage and maneuverability.
  • Versamow System allows for simultaneous mulching and bagging.
  • 4-in-1 system adds versatility for various lawn care tasks.
  • Hydrostatic cruise control for easy speed adjustments.
  • MicroCut System produces ultra-fine clippings for superior mulching.


  • Higher price point compared to some other models.
  • Weight may impact maneuverability in tight spaces or intricate landscapes.

My Opinion

The Honda HRX217K6VKA stands out as a top-tier choice for Bermuda grass lawns.

Its combination of powerful performance, cutting precision, and versatile mowing options align well with the requirements of maintaining a healthy and aesthetically pleasing Bermuda grass lawn.

While it may require a higher initial investment and regular maintenance, the quality of cut, durability, and advanced features make it a worthwhile choice for those seeking a reliable and efficient lawn mowing experience.

The convenience and adaptability it offers make it well-suited for serious gardeners and homeowners who take pride in maintaining a pristine lawn.

3. Toro TimeMaster 30-inch

Toro TimeMaster Wide-Cut Gas Engine Lawn Mower

I’ve shifted my focus to the Toro TimeMaster 30-inch mower, renowned for its efficiency and effectiveness on Bermuda grass lawns.

With a substantial 30-inch cutting width, this mower stands out for its ability to cover large lawn areas quickly, a vital feature for extensive Bermuda grass landscapes.


  • Cutting Deck: Comes with a large 30-inch cutting deck, greatly enhancing efficiency in mowing large Bermuda grass lawns by reducing time and effort.
  • Powerful Performance: Designed for powerful performance, making it suitable for managing extensive lawn areas.
  • Self-Propelled Drive System: Features a self-propelled drive system, significantly easing the physical effort needed during the mowing process.
  • Dual-Force Cutting System: The mower is equipped with a dual-force cutting system, ensuring a high-quality cut and maintaining an even, lush appearance of Bermuda grass.
  • Versatile Clipping Management: Offers the ability to mulch, bag, or side discharge clippings, providing versatile options to suit different lawn care preferences and seasonal requirements.


  • 30-inch cutting deck significantly reduces mowing time for large lawns.
  • Self-propelled drive system eases physical effort.
  • Dual-force cutting system delivers superior quality cut.
  • Versatile mulching, bagging, or side discharge options.


  • Larger size can be cumbersome to maneuver in tight spaces.
  • May be more mower than necessary for smaller lawns.

My Opinion

In my experience, the Toro TimeMaster 30-inch mower is a highly efficient tool for maintaining Bermuda grass lawns, particularly those of a larger size.

Its wide cutting deck greatly reduces the time required for lawn care, a crucial factor given Bermuda grass’s rapid growth rate. The quality of cut provided by this mower helps in maintaining a healthy and aesthetically pleasing Bermuda grass lawn.

While it might be more mower than necessary for smaller lawns, for medium to large-sized lawns, the TimeMaster’s efficiency and effectiveness make it a top choice.

The convenience of a self-propelled system combined with a powerful engine ensures that maintaining a Bermuda grass lawn is less of a chore and more of a seamless part of home care.

4. American Lawn Mower Company 50514 14 11-Amp Corded 

American Lawn Mower 14 in

Shifting our focus to the American Lawn Mower Company’s 50514 model, I’ll share my firsthand experience with this 11-Amp corded electric lawn mower.

It’s designed with a variety of features that cater to maintaining Bermuda grass, but it’s not without its drawbacks.

I’ll weigh the pros and cons to help you determine if it’s the right fit for your lawn care needs.


  • Powerful Motor: Equipped with a powerful 11-Amp motor, making it highly efficient for cutting Bermuda grass.
  • Sharp Blades: Features sharp blades that are crucial for maintaining grass health and ensuring a clean, precise cut every time.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Operates without the need for fuel, resulting in outstanding fuel efficiency and simplified maintenance — no messy oil changes or gas refills required.
  • Adaptability to Seasonal Changes: Capable of handling the varying thickness of Bermuda grass throughout the year, making it suitable for different seasonal lawn care needs.
  • Compact Design: Designed compactly for easy storage, a convenient feature when the mower is not in active use.


  • Powerful 11-Amp motor is ideal for efficient cutting.
  • Sharp blades ensure a clean cut and healthy grass maintenance.
  • No need for fuel, leading to efficient and simplified maintenance.
  • Compact design makes storage easy.


  • Corded design limits mobility and reach.
  • May struggle with extremely thick or tall grass.

My Opinion

Considering these drawbacks, I believe the American Lawn Mower Company 50514 model may not be the best option for those with undulating or expansive Bermuda grass lawns.

Different grass types, including Bermuda, have specific needs, and this mower doesn’t seem to cut it—literally.

Bermuda grass, with its dense growth, requires consistent mowing patterns to maintain its manicured look, and the limitations of a corded electric mower hinder this process.

Moreover, seasonal tips often suggest using clippings as a natural fertilizer to enhance soil health, but the 50514’s collection bag mightn’t handle the volume efficiently.

For Bermuda grass, which benefits from returning clippings to the lawn, a more robust mower that can handle varying terrain and contribute to soil health would be advisable.

5. LawnMaster CLMFR6020A 0802 Cordless 21-Inch 

Lawnmaster mower

I’ve recently turned my attention to the LawnMaster CLMFR6020A, a cordless mower that’s been a game changer for my Bermuda grass lawn.

With its brushless motor and 21-inch cutting width, I’ve found it to be both efficient and powerful.

However, I’ll need to weigh its features against any potential drawbacks to determine if it’s truly the best option for my lawn care needs.


  • Cutting Deck: Features a robust 21-inch cutting deck, ideal for precise and efficient cutting of Bermuda grass.
  • Cordless Design: Offers the flexibility needed to navigate various climate conditions without the constraints of a power cord.
  • Adjustable Cutting Height: Includes adjustable cutting height options, facilitating adaptation to different growth rates of Bermuda grass throughout the year.
  • Soil Compatibility: Designed to be gentle on lawn soil, ensuring a neat trim without damaging the turf.
  • Aesthetic Enhancement: Aids in achieving aesthetic goals for a perfectly manicured lawn, appealing to garden enthusiasts.


  • 21-inch cutting deck is efficient for Bermuda grass.
  • Cordless design provides climate adaptability and mobility.
  • Adjustable cutting height for different growth rates.
  • Gentle on lawn’s soil, ensuring neat trimming without turf damage.


  • Battery life may be insufficient for very large lawns.
  • Weight can make maneuvering in tight spaces challenging.

My Opinion

In my experience, the LawnMaster CLMFR6020A offers a reliable cut with the convenience of cordless operation, making it a solid choice for maintaining Bermuda grass lawns.

I’ve found that it supports grass health, allowing me to adjust the height easily based on the growth rate of the Bermuda grass, which is crucial for seasonal care.

The 21-inch deck size is ideal for creating clean mowing patterns, too, which can prevent the grass from matting and promote upright growth.

What’s more, the battery life is substantial enough to cover my lawn without needing a recharge. I appreciate that I can focus on soil preparation without worrying about cords or gas.

What Is Bermuda Grass?

Bermuda grass, a hardy and resilient turfgrass, thrives in warm climates and is commonly chosen for its ability to withstand high temperatures and foot traffic.

Its Bermuda characteristics make it a top choice for homeowners and groundskeepers who want a dense, durable lawn.

I’ve noticed that it flourishes particularly well in ideal climates that offer plenty of sunshine and high humidity, which are conditions often found in the southern regions of the United States.

When it comes to growth patterns, Bermuda grass grows rapidly and aggressively during the warm months, requiring a higher mowing frequency to keep it looking manicured and healthy.

I typically recommend mowing Bermuda grass at least once a week during its peak growing season to maintain an even and attractive turf.

This frequent mowing, however, can be taxing on both the grass and the mower, so choosing the right equipment is crucial.

Moreover, to sustain its lush appearance and vigorous growth, Bermuda grass has specific fertilization needs. I’ve learned that it benefits from regular feedings with a high nitrogen fertilizer during the growing season.

Ensuring that Bermuda grass receives the proper nutrients is essential for maintaining its vibrant green color and thick, carpet-like texture.

How To Find The Best Lawn Mower For Bermuda Grass?

Finding the best lawn mower for Bermuda grass can be tricky, but I’ll help you understand the key factors to consider.

I’ll look at different types of mowers, assess their cutting width and deck size, and examine battery life for those who prefer cordless options.

We’ll also explore power, performance, and how each mower handles grass clippings to ensure your Bermuda lawn looks its best.

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Type of Lawn Mower

Selecting the ideal lawn mower for Bermuda grass hinges on understanding the unique cutting requirements of this dense, fast-growing turf.

When I’m in the market for a mower, I consider its durability since Bermuda grass needs frequent trims, particularly during peak growing seasons. The mower must withstand the grass’s thickness and the rigors of seasonal usage without faltering.

I also look for models with blades that maintain sharpness over time, as a clean cut is essential to keep my Bermuda grass looking its best.

Lastly, I don’t overlook mulching capabilities; they’re crucial for returning nutrients to the lawn, which helps maintain the lushness of the grass.

In essence, the right type of lawn mower is pivotal for the health and appearance of my Bermuda turf.

Cutting Width and Deck Size

When I evaluate lawn mowers for Bermuda grass, the cutting width and deck size are critical factors to consider for efficient mowing and time management.

A wider deck means I can cover more ground with each pass, which is great for larger lawns.

However, for Bermuda grass, which requires frequent mowing, especially during its peak growing season, the deck material also becomes important. A durable deck can handle the stress of regular use without compromising on performance.

Seasonal usage impacts my choice too, since a mower that offers easy clipping disposal, like a mulching or bagging option, is handy in managing the prolific growth.

Balancing these aspects ensures I choose a mower that’s just right for my Bermuda grass’s needs.

Battery Life (for Cordless Models)

Mower battery

Moving beyond the structural aspects of the mower, I also scrutinize the battery life in cordless models, which is paramount for uninterrupted maintenance of Bermuda grass.

Battery efficiency is at the top of my checklist; I look for a model that balances power with energy use to ensure I’m not left with half-trimmed lawns. Charge duration is equally important—I need a mower that’s ready to go when I am, not one that’ll have me waiting for hours.

I pay close attention to voltage specification, as it often correlates with the mower’s power and runtime factor. A higher voltage can mean longer use, but it’s the power conservation features that really stretch out the battery life.

I make sure I’m investing in a mower that won’t quit before the job is done.

Power and Performance

The quest for the ideal lawn mower for Bermuda grass hinges on finding a machine with robust power and stellar performance to navigate this tough turf with ease.

I’m focusing on engine efficiency because it’s pivotal for maintaining fuel economy while delivering the needed oomph.

I’ve learned that cutting precision can’t be compromised; a mower must offer sharp, clean cuts to keep my Bermuda grass healthy and attractive.

Additionally, torque control is a feature I can’t overlook. It ensures that the mower doesn’t bog down in dense patches.

And with variable speed settings, I can adjust my pace according to the lawn’s condition and my personal preference.

All these factors together make a mower not just good, but perfect for the demanding nature of Bermuda grass.

Grass Management

Mastering grass management starts with selecting a lawn mower that’s tailored to the unique demands of Bermuda grass.

This grass species, with its dense growth and preference for warm climates, requires a mower that can handle frequent cuts while maintaining sharpness.

I’ve learned that the right mower ensures the grass stays healthy and neatly trimmed, adapting to my region’s climate.

My mowing frequency ramps up during peak growing seasons, so durability is a must.

Alongside this, I’ve fine-tuned my fertilization schedule and watering practices to complement the cutting routine. This holistic approach keeps the Bermuda grass thriving, factoring in all aspects of care.

It’s not just about the cut—it’s about how well the mower integrates with the complete grass management strategy.

Adjustable Cutting Height

Adjustable cutting height

To ensure your Bermuda grass looks its best, choose a lawn mower with an adjustable cutting height that accommodates the grass’s preferred trim level.

Height adjustability is crucial because Bermuda grass thrives when cut to a specific height, which varies throughout the growing season.

I’ve learned that mowing frequency impacts the lawn’s health and appearance; therefore, having the ability to easily adjust the mower’s height is a game-changer.

I also consider grass thickness and blade sharpness when selecting a mower. A sharp blade ensures a clean cut, which is essential for a healthy lawn.

Additionally, mower speed plays a role; I prefer a mower that allows me to adjust the speed according to the lawn’s condition. This combination of features ensures my Bermuda grass is always looking immaculate.

Ergonomic Features and Ease of Use

The ergonomics of a lawn mower significantly impact the user experience, especially when frequent mowing is required for Bermuda grass. Features like adjustable handle heights cater to different user statures, reducing physical strain during mowing.

Lightweight designs and easy start-up mechanisms, such as push-button ignitions in electric mowers, contribute to user convenience.

For Bermuda grass, which needs regular trimming, these ergonomic features can make lawn maintenance less cumbersome and more enjoyable.

Incorporating these aspects into mower design not only improves usability but also enhances safety, as well-fitted, comfortable equipment reduces the risk of user fatigue and related accidents.

Durability and Build Quality

While ease of use is essential for frequent mowing of Bermuda grass, the mower’s durability and build quality are equally critical to withstand the rigors of regular cutting.

I look for mowers with material resilience, ensuring that the blades and deck can handle the dense turf without wearing down quickly.

Corrosion resistance is a must-have feature, too, as it prevents rust and extends the mower’s life, especially in humid climates.

A robust frame construction contributes to overall durability, absorbing vibrations and impacts during mowing. I don’t overlook warranty coverage either; it’s a reliable indicator of the manufacturer’s confidence in their product.

Moreover, a mower from a brand with a strong reputation often guarantees that I’m investing in quality and reliability for the long haul.

Noise Level

Considering the noise level is crucial when selecting a lawn mower for Bermuda grass. A quieter machine ensures a more pleasant mowing experience. Before I make a purchase, I always check the noise measurement specs.

Quiet operation isn’t just a comfort issue; it’s about being a considerate neighbor too. The sound intensity of a mower can be a deal-breaker for me. I look for models with lower decibel levels, indicative of a less intrusive sound.

Advanced muffler technology can significantly reduce the noise a mower makes. This tech is a godsend for early morning lawn care, preventing any complaints from those who cherish their sleep.

I’ve learned that investing in a mower that balances performance with a quieter engine pays off in the long run.

Maintenance Requirements

A lawn mower’s maintenance needs are a key factor in determining its suitability for Bermuda grass. Less demanding upkeep often translates to more time enjoying a pristine lawn.

I’ve found that grass cycling can greatly reduce waste and contribute to a healthier lawn. It also minimizes the need for frequent fertilization.

Sticking to a seasonal servicing schedule ensures my mower is always in peak condition, which is especially important for the dense nature of Bermuda grass.

Consistent blade sharpening is necessary too, as a dull blade can damage the grass and affect its growth.

I also pay attention to my mowing pattern, alternating directions to avoid compacting the soil. Lastly, syncing my mower’s use with my fertilization schedule helps me maintain the lushness of my Bermuda grass with ease.

Price and Budget

Determining the right lawn mower for Bermuda grass also means finding a balance between cost and quality that fits within your budget. When I scour the market, I look for mowers with grass type compatibility.

Bermuda requires frequent mowing, especially during peak growth seasons, so the mower’s durability is crucial. I prefer models with powerful engines that handle this grass’s dense texture without faltering.

I also consider seasonal considerations; a versatile mower that adapts to different conditions is a smart buy. Additionally, I always check engine type, leaning towards those that promise efficiency and longevity.

Environmental Impact and Eco-Friendly Options

The environmental impact of lawn mowers, particularly those used for Bermuda grass, is a crucial consideration. Eco-friendly options like electric and manual reel mowers are gaining popularity due to their minimal environmental footprint.

Unlike gas-powered mowers, these alternatives do not emit greenhouse gases, making them a sustainable choice for lawn maintenance. Additionally, electric mowers are generally quieter, reducing noise pollution.

As Bermuda grass requires frequent mowing, using an eco-friendly mower can significantly decrease the cumulative environmental impact over time, aligning lawn care practices with environmental sustainability goals.

Innovative Mower Technologies

The lawn mower industry has seen significant technological advancements, introducing features that cater to modern-day gardening needs. Innovations like programmable robotic mowers allow for automated lawn maintenance, ideal for Bermuda grass lawns.

These mowers can be programmed to mow at specific times and patterns, ensuring consistent grass height.

Advanced mulching techniques in newer mowers finely chop the clippings and redistribute them as natural fertilizer, promoting healthier Bermuda grass growth.

Smart technology features, such as app-controlled operation and performance monitoring, add convenience and precision to lawn care, catering to tech-savvy gardeners seeking efficient, modern solutions for lawn maintenance.

Maintenance Tips for Mower Longevity

Proper maintenance is key to extending the lifespan of a lawn mower, especially when used on Bermuda grass, which demands sharp blades for a precise cut. Regular blade sharpening ensures a clean cut and prevents damage to the grass.

It’s recommended to clean the mower after each use to remove grass clippings and debris, which can cause corrosion and clog moving parts.

Seasonal maintenance, such as oil changes for gas mowers and battery check-ups for electric models, is also essential. Storing the mower in a dry, covered area protects it from weather-related wear and tear.

Adhering to these maintenance practices can maintain mower efficiency and prolong its service life, providing long-term reliability for Bermuda grass upkeep.

Comparison of Manual vs. Automated Mowing Techniques

Comparing manual and automated mowing methods reveals distinct advantages and considerations for Bermuda grass lawns.

Manual mowers, such as reel mowers, offer precise control and are environmentally friendly, but require more physical effort, making them suitable for smaller lawns.

Automated mowers, including robotic and self-propelled models, reduce physical labor and can handle larger areas efficiently. However, they often come with a higher cost and require setup for boundary mapping.

For Bermuda grass, which necessitates regular mowing, the choice between manual and automated mowers depends on lawn size, budget, and personal preference for hands-on gardening versus convenience and technological integration.

Our Verdict

In my journey to find the best mower for Bermuda grass, I’ve encountered various models, each with its strengths and weaknesses.

Personally, I’ve been impressed by the EGO Power+ LM2102SP-A’s cordless convenience and its adept handling of Bermuda’s dense texture.

The Honda HRX217K6VKA, with its Versamow System, stands out for its versatility and precise cutting, a boon for Bermuda grass’s demanding nature.

The Toro TimeMaster’s 30-inch deck is a time-saver for larger lawns, though it’s a bit much for smaller spaces.

The American Lawn Mower Company’s 50514 model, efficient and fuel-free, is great but struggles in certain terrains.

Lastly, the LawnMaster CLMFR6020A’s cordless design offers flexibility but faces challenges in battery life and maneuverability.

In my experience, each of these mowers has a unique place in Bermuda grass care, depending on your lawn size, topography, and personal preferences. Balancing these factors will guide you to the mower that best suits your Bermuda lawn needs.

Remember, the right tool can turn lawn care from a chore into a pleasure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can mowing Bermuda grass with a dull blade cause harm to the lawn, and how often should mower blades be sharpened for optimal performance?

Yes, mowing with a dull blade can damage my lawn, affecting grass health. I sharpen my blades according to a regular sharpening schedule, typically every 20-25 hours of cutting to prevent dull damage.

Are there specific environmental or climate conditions under which a cordless electric mower might underperform when cutting Bermuda grass?

I’ve noticed my cordless electric mower sometimes struggles in high humidity due to moisture sensitivity. Battery limitations affect power consistency, and overheating issues can reduce blade torque, making it tough to cut thick grass.

What safety features should one look for in a lawn mower when primarily dealing with the dense and tough texture of Bermuda grass?

I’d look for a mower with operator presence control, blade brake clutch, a safe discharge chute design, rollover protection, and a foot shield guard to ensure I’m protected while mowing any tough grass.

How does the weight and maneuverability of a lawn mower impact the health and appearance of a Bermuda grass lawn?

A heavy mower can compact the soil and leave wheel patterns, while sharp turns might scalp the grass. Adjusting the cutting height and using a maneuverable mower helps prevent damage and maintains a healthy lawn.

Can using a lawn mower with a bagging option contribute to thatch buildup in Bermuda grass, and if so, how can this be managed effectively?

I’ve found that bagging doesn’t cause thatch buildup. It’s beneficial, actually, by reducing debris. I manage thatch through organic mulching, smart fertilization practices, and regular soil aeration to maintain a healthy lawn.