How To Change Blades On Husqvarna Zero Turn Mower (7 Steps)

By | February 23, 2023

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I understand the frustration of needing to replace blades on my zero turn mower due to damage from a rock or other obstacle.

This process can be daunting, however with this step-by-step guide you’ll have no problem replacing your damaged blades and getting back out there in no time – avoiding any serious problems that could arise if left undone!

With careful instructions outlining how to prepare for blade replacement, steps needed during the process, and advice pertaining to quality and safety issues; this simple solution will help ensure great cutting results without fail.

How to Change Blades on a Husqvarna

If you own a Husqvarna zero turn mower, learning how to change its blades is an important maintenance task or a simple husqvarna zero turn oil change.

This article will walk you through the process of shutting off the engine and getting the deck ready in order to safely remove outdated blades and install new ones.

Detailed instructions and essential safety reminders for working on any type of machinery are provided.

By following these guidelines your lawn mower‘s undercarriage can stay looking fresh while also becoming more energy-efficient – both necessary components when it comes to keeping a healthy yard!

What you’ll need:

  • Gloves
  • Wood Block
  • Adjustable Wrench or a Socket Wrench
  • Torque Wrench
  • New Blade

Power Down Mower

When it comes to safety when working on a Husqvarna zero-turn mower, you must make sure that the engine is shut off and remove the key from its ignition.

This process of turning off the engine before beginning any work on your mower’s blades is of utmost importance for ensuring optimal security and protection while making repairs or replacements.

Taking proper precautionary measures like this can go a long way in keeping everyone involved safe during maintenance tasks such as blade replacement – never skip these important steps!

Raise Mower Deck

When it comes to maintenance of a Husqvarna lawn mower, adjusting the position of its deck is an essential step. To ensure maximum maneuverability and safety for those nearby, you should lift the deck as high up as possible.

This task can be easily done with zero turn mowers due to their excellent design which allows easy access points so that people are able to reach all areas when lifting or lowering decks into place.

When moving your blades higher up on this type of tractor, make sure you take all necessary precautions in order keep them balanced and sturdy while operating at their highest point without causing any harm yourself or anyone around you.

Insert Wood Block

Before making changes to a zero turn mower, it is important to place a block-shaped piece of wood between the blade and deck shelf in order to prevent any spinning.

This will allow for safe work with screws or screwdrivers that may need loosening due sharp objects being involved.

It’s also essential that appropriate protective wear such as gloves or safety glasses are worn during this process so no harm comes your way while you spend time changing the blades on your zero turn mower.

Detach Mower Blade

appropriate protective wear such as gloves or safety glasses before attempting any work with sharp objects like cutting blades or screwdrivers for loosening screws that might be stuck due to rusting over time. 

unthread all bolts securing the old blades onto their respective places before putting new pieces into place – take care not secure them too tight so they remain easy removable when replacements are needed!

Insert Blade Onto Spindle

When it is time to replace your blades on the spindle housing of a Husqvarna, be sure that you firmly secure them in place.

To do this correctly, align their bolt holes with those on the spindle and then apply pressure at its opening for proper attachment.

Following these simple steps will ensure that all new blades are placed properly within the order specified so as not to experience any disfunction during operation.

Attach Mower Blade

When it comes to blade installation for lawnmowers, proper fitment and best practices are essential.

To ensure a correct fit, the new blades must be installed with care; make sure that the side stamped “grass side” is facing down while installing such blades with their other face marked “this way up” pointing towards your mower.

Matching its star pattern so as to not damage any grass when cutting requires time and mindful attention in order for them to properly align during fitting.

Taking extra precaution of sharp edges which could lead injury if handled without gloves or carefully can guarantee an effortless attitude whilst using these types of equipment.

Fasten Blade

It is important to take the necessary steps when tightening a blade bolt on a Husqvarna. Before engaging in any other activities or using the machine, you must ensure that all bolts are adjusted at an appropriate level of tension and security.

To do this properly, it’s essential to follow instructions outlined in your owner’s manual for torquing each individual bolt – usually about 15 foot pounds will suffice.

After reaching the desired level of torque pressure, firmly turn clockwise until securely fastened; check multiple times before continuing with regular use just to be sure everything is secure!

Keep In Mind

As a zero turn mower owner, I’m constantly reminded of the importance of safety when it comes to handling blades. It’s absolutely necessary that I wear protective gloves anytime I come in contact with them.

Additionally, it is important for me to remember to always completely remove the key from the ignition and wait until both my engine and spark plug are off before attempting any kind of service or maintenance on my mower’s blades.

This added layer of protection can help protect against potential damage due to over-tightening or cracks which could cause bigger issues down road if not addressed promptly as soon as discovered.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions How To Changer Blades On Zero Turn)

How do you jack up a Husqvarna zero turn?

A strong jack, such as a floor jack, is required to jack up a Husqvarna zero turn. The mower should be slowly raised until the tires are clear of the ground by positioning the jack underneath the center of the frame. Make sure the frame is supported once raised by placing blocks or stands underneath.

Are Zero Turn blades reverse threaded?

The threading on zero-turn blades is not reversed. Standard threading in the same direction as other lawn mower blades is typically used by zero turn blades.

Which way do you not tilt a lawnmower?

Lifting the back end of the lawnmower and tilting it back so that the underside is facing up is the proper way to tilt a lawnmower. The lawnmower shouldn’t be tipped to one side.

Are Husqvarna blades interchangeable?

Yes, Husqvarna blades can be swapped out. You can mix and match blades to get the best performance out of your machine because the blades are made to fit a wide variety of Husqvarna models.